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The federal government has spoken out in regards to their position on the marijuana industry.  While details of their intentions and action steps have not been clear, federal leaders and spokespeople have stated their expectation to use "greater enforcement" of federal laws as an effort to address their concerns of the marijuana industry.  

OSHA, HIPAA (for medicinal dispensaries) and Food Health & Safety (for edibles facilities) are among those enforcement tools available to the federal government to put pressure on the marijuana industry.  Inspections, investigations, and assessment of penalties serve as motivation to enforcement divisions to address the marijuana industry head-on.  

Likewise, marijuana industry owners, managers, investors, and workforce members must also be motivated to take a proactive approach in their efforts to ensure compliance in these regulatory categories and minimize risk of error or incident to the lowest possible level.  

The training and education library with 420 Risk Management serves as an effective, efficient, and very useful toolbox for your facility to learn, implement, and demonstrate your good faith effort to comply with regulatory guidelines. Not to mention, minimizing your risk of incident, investigation and penalties.

Our Training Programs & Services

  • OSHA Library

    Training & Education

    $199/ Month

    OSHA training and education for the many OSHA standards and guidelines as it applies to your facility.  Receive required training, access forms logs, along with policy and procedure templates and much more Includes multiple audio/video training lessons with frequent updates as it pertains to the industry and individual regions.

    This training is perfect for the recreational dispensary as well as the marijuana grow facilities!

    HelpDesk access included!  Contact us for more information or Subscribe below!

  • OSHA and Food Safety Library


    $249/ Month

    The 420 Risk Management OSHA and Food Safety Library includes mandatory and required guidelines for OSHA compliance for your business as well as the Food Health and Safety requirements that are in place for any facility that prepares food.  These are not only required standards and guidelines but come with significant penalties when non-compliance is found.  Investigators for Food Health and Safety as well as OSHA are actively visiting facilities.  

    This training library provides those necessary OSHA and Food Health and Safety training elements that are required for new employees, seasoned employees and managers/compliance officers.  This training library also includes document templates, logs, sample policies and procedures and more.  You can also reach out to our certified professionals for guidance!  

    This training library is perfect for the edibles bakery to aid in guidance, training, resources and other requirements to comply with Food Health and Safety as well as OSHA standards.

    Help Desk access included, contact us for more information or subscribe now to begin!

  • HIPAA (Patient Privacy) & OSHA Library


    $249/ Month

    Access the entire training and education library to receive training, necessary documents and logs, policy and procedure templates and much more!  Includes multiple on-demand training categories with frequent updates as it pertains to federal rules and individual regions.  Must-have access for medicinal marijuana industry owners and managers! HelpDesk access included with this subscription.  

    Help Desk access included!  Contact us for more information or Subscribe below! 

    This Library program is designed for the Medicinal Dispensaries so as to provide the necessary patient privacy and security training along with mandatory OSHA guidelines.


    HelpDesk Service Only - Training Library Access Not Included

    $129/ Month

    Submit your questions to our HelpDesk!  Receive responses with references from our team of compliance specialists.  HelpDesk Support is included with the 420 Risk Management training library subscription.  HelpDesk is your on-demand compliance officer!

    Facilities not subscribed to our training library may also subscribe to the HelpDesk only, for on-demand support!

    No contact or minimum subscription period required!  

    Contact us for more information or Subscribe here!  


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides guideline and structure to preserve and protect identifying information of patients. HIPAA does through two main elements which include the comprehensive HIPAA Privacy guidelines as well as HIPAA Security guidelines.  At this time, HIPAA does not include Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries as Covered Entities because dispensaries do not bill third party insurances.  However, notably, medicinal marijuana dispensaries do receive, create, maintain, access, store, and transmit protected identifying information.  Due to this, medicinal marijuana dispensaries are subject to many components of the HIPAA Privacy and Security guidelines so as to best preserve and protect the integrity of protected identifying information.  Training and education lessons in our Risk Management Library address the need-to-know criteria so as to enable your facility to ensure your workforce is properly trained according to requirements, appropriate policy and procedural guidelines are well defined and in place, along with other important risk management necessities in this category.  


OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  OSHA is a Federal program which also includes many federal-approved state OSHA plans as well.  The goal of OSHA is to minimize the risk of injury or illness of workforce members by requiring employers to implement, train and maintain specific safety related standards in the work environment.  

OSHA has identified cannabis facilities as a new industry and therefore takes great interest in this industry, with the expectation that facilities may not be aware of and therefore are not likely adhering to these workforce safety requirements.  The 420 Risk Management office has already received notification of cannabis facilities that have had OSHA investigators on-site and assessing penalties for non-compliance.  

OSHA penalties can be significant and crippling to businesses of all types.  Employee complaints and numerous work comp liability claims from cannabis facilities are just two of the areas that have attracted a great deal of OSHA's interest to the cannabis industry.  OSHA has great motivation for ensuring their safety standards are properly trained upon and implemented, not only in respect to best ensuring workforce safety but also in financial penalties assessed to facilities.  

The best approach for any facility is always the proactive approach.  Learn more about how 420 Risk Management can provide essential training, documents, helpdesk and other resources to your facility for appropriate new employee, established employee, manager, and owner training for OSHA and other critical regulatory requirements for the cannabis industry.

Food Health and Safety

Preparation of edibles requires very strict compliance to Food Health & Safety guidelines.  This includes new employee training immediately upon hire, established employee training on an annual basis and many other components such as appropriate signs and labels, personal protective equipment, procedures for storage and refrigerator organization, sanitation guidelines and much more.  Inspectors are on site regularly to evaluate for compliance and implement penalties and fines for non-compliance of these very important standards.  The only approach is a proactive approach for these facilities.

Be reminded that edibles preparation facilties must also be in compliance with OSHA guidelines as these are mandatory too!  Look to the 420 Risk Management combined OSHA and Food Health and Safety Library for your new employee training, seasoned employee annual and periodic training, and compliance officer and manager training!